Crystal Circle Sponsor - $5,000

Positioning as Crystal Circle Sponsor of Event.
Recognition to be: Crystal Circle Sponsor (Company Name/Logo)

Company Logo on all DWIFF event ads in all print publications, broadcast media, display advertisements as the Silver Sponsor

Company listed as Crystal Circle sponsor on welcome signs, DWIFF banner, table tents, event signage at all DWIFF events including Gala

Company logo displayed on sponsor pages with link to sponsor’s website.

Exclusive License for use of the DWIFF logo

2 All Access Passes for access to all DWIFF events (includes Gala)

10 additional screening tickets

Company listed in Gala program and festival program on sponsor page as Crystal Circle Sponsor

Company displayed as Crystal Circle Sponsor in scrolling event presentations

Company logo on Crystal Circle Sponsor Slide preceding movie programs

Display table or booth at selected venues, space permitting.

Access to event attendee list collected at

Company logo/name acknowledgment on thank you ad

Note: Sponsorship categories are subject to change.  The exact tax-deductible amount must be determined based upon the final arrangement made with any sponsor receiving special considerations for their donation.  Simple donations with no promotional consideration may be fully tax-deductible up to the total amount of the donation.