What To Expect
Besides having FUN you will see works from some of the new and upcomming film makers. Below, for example, are some of the 2008 DWIFF Award winners as well as some of the 60 other films that were also shown in the 12 venus which made up the 2008 DWIFF !!!

NOTE: "Clicking" on the titles below will allow you to view the trailer of the film:

DWIFF 2008 Best International Film .... Ocean of Pearls ......Director Sarab Neelam

DWIFF 2008 Best Comedy - Unbeatable Harold - Director Ari Palitz

DWIFF 2008 Best Documentary - Refusing to be Enemies - Director Laurie White

DWIFF 2008 Best Cinematography - The FlyBoys - Director Rocco DeVilliers

DWIFF 2008 Best Short - BITCH - Lilah Vandenburgh

2008 DWIFF Best Detroit Windsor Comedy - Stick it in Detroit - Robert Phelps

DWIFF 2008 Best Detroit Windsor Documentary - Black Bottom Paradise Valley- The Forgotten Legacy - Sharon Sexton

DWIFF 2008 Best Student Film - Forever in Time - Chuck Grady
Pretty Ugly People

Certifiably Jonathan